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Resellers Panel

General Overview

resellerpanelResellers Panel is the first program on the Internet, which offers completely free reseller hosting solutions. With its network of over 9,400 web hosting resellers, Resellers Panel ranks among the top players in the reseller hosting segment. Just over a year ago, the concept of “free reseller hosting” was something completely unknown and sounded more like a good wish than something that you could really put to work. In spite of the past year, Resellers Panel still does not have a serious competitor in the free reseller hosting segment. There is just one more company in this segment called Bulix Reseller. Bulix Reseller is a comparatively small company with just over 300 web hosting resellers.

Resellers Panel is currently one of the two programs on the Internet, which allows you to start your own web hosting service with 24/7 customer support without the need any web hosting software, dedicated or co-located servers, special knowledge of administration or programming, complex settings of credit card processors, web design knowledge and even without knowledge of HTML. Furthermore, your hosting customers will not even notice that you are not a web hosting company. The anonymity of web hosting resellers is guaranteed and adequately protected. According to the latest information directly from Resellers Panel, the new version of the program, which is still under development, will have many new features compared to the currently offered program. Continue reading